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How do I know where to buy your products?2020-01-12T12:37:33-07:00

Visit our WHERE TO BUY page to locate the ioVia retailer nearest you. Please call your local dispensary before your visit to confirm availability of your desired ioVia product. 

If your favorite dispensary doesn’t carry ioVia yet, ask for us by name: eye-OH-vee-ah!

Can you ship your products to me?2020-01-10T15:15:58-07:00

Not at this time. It is federally illegal to ship cannabis products; therefore, we cannot ship our products or sell them online. Our products can currently be found in dispensaries across Colorado. For more on where to find our products, visit our WHERE TO BUY page.

Can I purchase your products online?2020-01-10T15:16:05-07:00

Not at this time. It is federally illegal to ship cannabis products; therefore, we cannot sell our products online. Our products can currently be found in dispensaries across Colorado. For more on where to find our products, visit our WHERE TO BUY page.

Which blend is right for me?2020-09-11T13:58:17-06:00

People use our products for a number of reasons; some to help with certain ailments, others take it daily (like a vitamin!). We offer several distinct blends of CBD and THC, ranging from HI-CBD, CBD-THC to HI-THC. The different blends of THC and CBD broaden the range of treatment for various ailments. CBD may also reduce the unwanted effects of THC, providing a milder experience for our customers. 

Higher amounts of CBD are preferred by our customers dealing with inflammation, nerve pain, and immune response, while higher levels of THC help address more serious pain, spasticity, or insomnia. The 1:1 ratio in our CBD:THC blend is a balanced approach with broad application, which is why we offer this blend across our entire product line.

If you’d like more help finding the right blend for you, please visit our online Product Guide.

Which ioVia product is right for me?2020-09-11T13:56:49-06:00

We’re here to help you find the right ioVia product. Please visit our online Product Guide, or contact us if you have specific questions.


What is Precision Dosing?2020-01-12T12:37:58-07:00

Precision dosing means that every dose you consume is exactly the same. Our products were created to help establish a consistent experience, more like other medicines and supplements than other cannabis products on the market. Precision dosing offers you the ability to find a reliable regimen so that each time you use our products you have the same experience, ensuring ongoing and consistent relief.

Learn more about our approach to CBD, THC, and Precision Dosing.

What is a tincture and how do I use it?2020-01-10T15:38:20-07:00

Tinctures are liquid extracts made from herbs (in our case, cannabis) that you take orally (by mouth – either under your tongue or in your cheek). This is called sublingual dosing. Because tinctures are taken directly under the tongue, they enter the bloodstream much more directly than any other means, offering you faster relief. Tinctures are also easy and convenient to use. 

If you prefer the effects of traditional edibles but want to avoid the sugar or allergens of most cannabis edibles, ioVia Tinctures are a great option. Because they are vegan, odorless, and flavorless, you can add your desired dose to a warm beverage or food item to take advantage of the systemic/digestive uptake for a typically longer-lasting effect. *Note: it can take up to 2 hours to feel the effects using this method, and the effects can potentially be more intoxicating than the sublingual method. Start with a low dose and give yourself time to assess the effects before ingesting more.  

Learn more about our Precision Dose Tinctures.

What is the difference between topical & transdermal creams?2020-01-10T15:39:31-07:00

Topical creams are intended to affect only the area where you apply them. Our transdermal creams drive through the skin into the bloodstream, delivering cannabinoids (such as CBD and/or THC) and offering relief throughout the body beyond where the cream is applied.

Learn more about our True Transdermal Creams.

Why would I want to take a cannabis bath? Is it going to get me high?2020-01-12T12:38:15-07:00

Our Restorative Bath is a thoughtful blend of Epsom salts, CBD and THC distillate, and essential oils to help soothe inflammation, body aches, and stress. Warm baths open capillaries and increase circulation at the surface of the skin, facilitating absorption of relaxing minerals and cannabis molecules, replenishing magnesium levels and feeding the endocannabinoid system. Our customers report feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after a restorative bath, and while most report little to no intoxicating effects individual sensitivity to THC will vary. If you’re concerned about your sensitivity to THC, we suggest starting with a hand or foot soak to gauge your reaction. 

Learn more about our Restorative Bath.

What is CBD?2020-01-12T12:26:01-07:00

CBD — Cannabidiol — is one of the many chemical compounds in a class called “cannabinoids” that naturally occur in cannabis plants. CBD has the capacity to deliver mental and physical benefits without the sensations of being stoned, and is known as the part of the cannabis plant with enormous therapeutic potential.

It also has many special qualities that can make it an important part of both a user’s recreational or medical experience. CBD’s reported benefits include relief from anxiety, joint pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, menstrual cramps, insomnia, nausea, seizures, bowel inflammation, and moodiness.

Does CBD help with pain?2020-01-10T15:42:30-07:00

Yes, CBD is widely reported to help with pain relief, and research shows it can be used to help manage chronic pain in many cases. And CBD oil is especially promising due to its lack of intoxicating effects and a lower potential for side effects than many other pain medications. However, many users report that THC is significantly more effective for alleviating pain, which is why we chose to include a small amount THC in all of our HI-CBD products. 

What is the difference between your CBD and CBD I can order online?2020-01-10T15:43:25-07:00

Our CBD is responsibly (and locally) sourced in Colorado. All Colorado-grown CBD is regulated and approved by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and is also lab-tested.

It is important to know where and how the CBD you are buying is sourced. Independent third-party testing is NOT a mandatory requirement in the CBD hemp oil industry, so many companies have no incentive to test their products before selling them.

So you always know that our CBD and THC products are overseen by the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture, then lab-tested. Our products are also chemical and additive free to offer you the best and safest products possible!

Our tinctures and transdermal creams come in 3 effective blends with precise dosing that are also discreet and easy to use – offering you a consistent and reliable experience that you can add to your daily routine.

Will your products get me high?2020-01-10T15:45:16-07:00

Our products are formulated to deliver therapeutic benefits of cannabis with less of the intoxicating  effects of smoking or edibles, allowing you to continue with your normal daily routine. *Please note: because THC responds differently with some users, the higher THC ratios can cause a stronger body relaxation in some people.