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The easiest, most flexible way to consume cannabis.

Our Precision Dose Tinctures are made of two simple ingredients: Cannabinoids (CBD & THC) and coconut-derived MCT oils. No additives or fillers necessary. Everything from the oil to the dosage amount, to taking it under your tongue, helps to maximize absorption of CBD and THC. Meaning you feel the desired effects, faster. Plus, our calibrated dropper ensures a consistent and clean experience with every use.  

Why under the tongue? Because sublingual dosing is the one of the quickest ways to absorb cannabis (skipping the delay of the digestive process!). The great thing about our THC and CBD tinctures is that they can also be used in cooking, in tea, or any hot beverages.


See below for available sizes and blend specifics.


“I live with severe esophageal reflux, nausea and anxiety. I’ve been on ioVia for about 10 days now. The taste is very, very subtle and pleasant. My stomach issues have improved and there’s no repeating.  I’ve been amazed how this product has helped my anxiety! I simply feel calm…not tired at all, just calm. Plus I sleep like a baby…that was a bonus! Also, and this is a biggie, I’m confident that their product is sourced responsibly without anything I wouldn’t want entering my system. Thank you so much for helping me!” – Jay