“I’ve been using ioVia for about a year and a half now. I’ve had some serious surgeries on my ankle, and I find it’s the only medication that brings me relief all day long. There’s virtually no aches and pains. I feel like I can pretty much keep up with the younger generation that I’m currently working with.” – Shelly L., 54-yr Old Medical Patient

“A year ago, I injured my knee riding a bouncy slide with my granddaughter, and it swelled up like a volleyball. I had to have the fluid drawn off to stop the swelling. The ioVia transdermal cannabis cream was the only thing (besides opioids) that helped the pain and swelling. It really is amazing.” – Ken D.

“I just want to tell you how amazing your product is and how it has changed my life. I have Chronic Lyme Disease and had a significant amount of back and joint pain. I have been using the Double Strength for 2 weeks and I am completely free of taking Lyrica and feel better than I have in many years.  I am relaxed yet very clear in my thought processes. Thank you so much!”
– C.H.

“I’ve been using ioVia for several months for nausea and headaches. I find it to be fast and effective at relieving my symptoms. It also gives me a nebulous, happy feeling. It is superior to other products on the market because it requires no eating/vaping/smoking, none of which I want to do when I have nausea. I recommend ioVia for the consistent relief it provides, with no negative side effects whatsoever.” – Greg H.

“I am a boss who loves her job. It doesn’t come without anxiety, though, and the way I manage that is by running every day, which led me running my way into plantar fasciitis and painful workouts. The Restorative Bath helped unwind the foot muscles and my anxiety.” – K.

“ioVia Transdermal cream is the only effective and immediate relief that I’ve found from the nighttime rigidity and muscle cramps typical of Parkinson’s Disease. Rubbing the cream directly on my calves or feet not only gives relief, but prevents them from cramping up again.”
– Liz E.

“At first I resisted medical marijuana as I didn’t want being high to magnify my cognitive challenges. IoVia CBD Cream was my first introduction to medical marijuana and it’s been a total godsend. I felt immediate relief the first time I used it and won’t go a day without it ever since.”
– Barbara R., Medical Patient with Progressive MS

“After suffering nerve damage to my dominant arm in 2013, I struggled to find relief for the constant pain and numbness. Thanks to the HI-CBD dosage from ioVia, I am finally able to paint detailed artwork and even grip and turn a door handle again. All without having to worry about a large amount of THC in my system.”
– A. Gonzales

“I use all 3 of these products to aid in my migraine relief, as well as chronic back pain. Nothing has ever helped me before, I’ve tried everything! Then a budtender suggested ioVia to me & I thought I might as well try, plus it smells amazing. The tincture is one of the biggest helpers, I always use it before I fly in order to quell my anxiety and it’s a miracle in and of itself.” – H.K., user of Precision Dose Tincture, True Transdermal Cream, and Restorative Bath

“I have lots of hip and knee pain due to arthritis as well as a bone-on-bone knee. Due to the use of ioVia transdermal creams, I have cut back significantly on over-the-counter pain medication. I recommend this the HI-CBD and CBD-THC blends to anyone who needs pain relief.”
– Pat C.

“For the first time in my son’s life, he is able to pay attention in school.” – Gina S., Mother of 14 yr-old with Attention Disorders

“Wow, am I impressed. I have a shoulder injury that caused tendinitis and I was on the verge of being immobile. I got a test pack of the True Transdermal cream and applied it immediately on my affected shoulder. Within 20 minutes the pain had began to subside. Within an hour ALL the inflammation was gone. The 1:1 blend did everything I’ve been searching for and then some. I’ve used countless transdermal creams, to no avail. Never felt relief. This is a game changer. Smell free, rubs in quickly, looks just like lotion. I can use this at work and return pain free like I’m not even injured.” – W.W.

“We went on a trip to hike a bunch of 14ers. I used the Cool Relief Gel on my sore feet and knees every night and it was a game-changer! I felt fresh and ready for more each morning. I even used it on a sunburn at the end of the trip. Cool Relief Gel kept me on the trail day after day. It’s like the Swiss army knife of cannabis topicals!” – J.C.